Hey I'm...

Mike Dunkling | UX Designer & Web Developer

I work with this wonderful bunch to create and manage your brand. We create and mould businesses, grow brands and make people’s experiences better.

Mission Brief!!

The abyss... Smaller businesses without dedicated marketing teams or even guidance on design, brand and marketing are left with nothing (or sometimes something far worse - a bad brand or website).

My goal is to use my expertise, my skills and knowledge to help improve the standard of brands and digital solutions being offered to smaller businesses throughout Kent- something that you can really be happy with - taking this pressure off you. After all you have spent years building a reputation for your business why not make it feel amazing too!


I promise to work with any budget! If you think your budget is too small for anything and this is complete rubbish contact me for a free no obligation consultation. It will cost you nothing to chat with me - and we will create something stunning together.

Free Consultation

About Moi

Well... I'm a pretty average guy with an amazing young family and beautiful wife to be! Other than this I am super obsessed with fixing bad websites and creatives. There's simply no need for it!

For years I have worked as a Project Manager (you can call this the bread-and-butter) with some of the globes largest financial institutions and retailers to deliver digital solutions

Web development and brand creation is a real passion of mine and I have also been working as freelance web developer in my spare time. I love seeing the reaction of something that has been created through collaboration, hard work and commitment.

My crew consists of... well... me and some virtual guys Drex, Gaston, Daphnee and finally Jess - you'll have seen them but will get the chance to meet them later on.

Are you ready to take your business brand to the next level?

Give me a shout!