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Lead Digital Product Manager

I Lead the strategic vision for digital product team, owning the planning and execution of the product roadmap across the websites (UK & IE), Internal sales system and application. My role puts me central to the hiring and managing and coaching of all digital UX designers, CRO managers and digital delivery team members. Supporting the team to develop and refine their own career paths and mentoring them to the best of my abilities.

I define and help  clarify business requirements and develop ongoing improvements working within an agile environment, analysing customer behaviour and analytics to deliver solutions that further enhance the product experience.


  • Responsible for the overall strategic planning of the entire website and mobile application;
  • Managing the stakeholder relationship and providing effective service delivery;
  • Measuring and reporting on delivery performance;
  • Working closely with stakeholders to capture functional and non-functional requirements;
  • Responsible for improvements to the development and delivery processes (where needed);
  • Line manage the marketing e-commerce delivery team and train them in UX best practices and agile methodologies;
  • Responsible for the overall final decisions on changes to the website and application builds;
  • Develop, maintain and measure success against objectives and key results (OKR’s) to ensure product roadmap is inline with business goals and user experiences;
  • Model and build multi-functional cohorts and experiences for each digital product stage;
  • Guide and support UX, Developers, QA testers and CRO managers to develop their career and ensure the team and business are built for long term success;

Creating design systems, business processes that empower the digital product team create the best user experiences

Having joined James Villas with the team in a negative state of mind, it has been my responsibility to not only build the team colloboration, motivations and delivery quality but to introduce a productive and effective AGILE process that can deliver results. 

One of the first shifts in practice was the delivery of project briefs and management process. Introducing Kanban boards to manage user stories through 2 week delivery sprints and making sure that we always look at the development opportunities in front of us to challenge the boundaries and deliver results. 


Focusing on the projects that are required now and add value in a timely manner – not just the projects we want to be working on.


My role involves wearing a number of different business hats. From business analysis, determining the right move next, what the strategy should look like and how we will get there. 

  UX / UI / Design Systems / Product Design / Web Design / App Design / Data Analysis / Business Analysis / Project Management / Line Management / Coach / Delivery Manager / Quality Checker / Product Strategist 


In order to deliver the responsibilities of my role I use a number of different tool systems. To manage, design and analyse data patterns and systems it is important that our toolbox is loaded with the right tools for the job. 

Adobe Analytics / Google Analytics / AirFocus / Jira / Confluence / Trello / Asana / Slack / Figma / Illustrator /Photoshop / Indesign / XD